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We've been using Precision planting products for several years. We are so convinced of the value they bring, that we want to be able to share the value with others.

Some of the products we have personal experience with include:

  • The 20/20 SeedSense® monitor. It’s frankly the best monitor available today. It’s easy to use, quick to understand, and provides you with the information you need to optimize seed placement and avoid planting errors that reduce yield.
  • YieldSense - takes the 20/20 monitor into the combine and makes it the most accurate yield monitor on the market today. See our YieldSense test results: Click Here.
  • eSet™. They replace the disk cell meters standard on most planters, and plant one seed at a time regardless of seed size or shape. The skips and doubles one will see with standard disk meters waste seed and reduce yield.
  • AirForce®. It helps avoid side wall compaction, root stunting, and controls planting depth even as the hoppers empty out. The automated adjustment of AirForce® compared to manual settings has shown a 9.7 bu/acre yield advantage.
NEW! Cutting Edge Products now available include
  • vDrive™ is an electronic drive for vSet. You can now put a vSet meter on any planter to completely eliminate the drive system. No more chains to fix or dogs to monitor. Nice.
  • DeltaForce takes downforce management to the next level by making sub-second adjustments to each individual row. It is the only row by row downforce management on the market today.
  • YieldSense is the most accuate yield monitor available. Better data drives better management decisions.
Customized Products.

We want to work with you to customize a Precision solution to your needs, your planter, and you budget. Once installed, we help you get started in the spring, then provide excellent service after the sale.

Get started with the basics:
  • Take advantage of our Meter calibration service. All meters – Precision, finger, vac, Deere, White, Case IH – need to be calibrated annually to your spacing, your speed, your seeds. Regardless of planter setup, calibration is a simple step we can all take to minimize skips and doubles to optimize ears, yields and profits.
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