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Every family farm business has a story…

Our story dates back to January 1878 when our ancestors where deeded and began farming on what will someday be known as “Grover’s Corner”. Over the past 135 years, five generations have lived, loved, and worked this farm. There have been good times, there have been challenging times… we’ve survived them all.

Neal and Shelli Grover moved on and began operating Grover's Corner in 1988. We proudly farm and raised three sons here: Adam, Eric, and Ryan. We work hard and continue our grain operation. We support and are active in our local community, church, and schools. We appreciate our family, friends, neighbors, and partners who have joined us throughout the journey.

Today, Neal Grover, Shelli Grover, and Adam Grover have formed a partnership: Grover Grain & Seed. Grover Grain & Seed offers Pioneer brand products, Precision planting, and soybean seed treatment to our neighbors, family, and friends. We have long-time experience with all of these products, and are convinced they will also help YOU optimize yield potential and ultimately profits.

We’d like to hear from you. Learn more by browsing our website, or Contact Us today!

Grover Grain & Seed Partners: Shelli, Adam, and Neal. (We couldn't keep Molly out of the picture :)

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